Go Keto Shopping!

Here’s a list of all my favourite keto products! Make sure that you are well stocked because having the right ingredients in your kitchen makes all the difference when making and sticking with your keto meals. It cuts down on thinking time and helps you create nutritious meals without any cheats. Read all my keto…

Ketogenic Diet: Healthy Fats (#3)

This is my 3rd article in the series, ‘Keto Diaries’ where I deep dive into the subject of healthy  dietary fats. A lot of it is sourced from research and studies as well as perfectketo.com which has a lot of interesting resources. According to me, the purpose of the ketogenic diet is not weight loss…

Ketogenic Diet: Role of Macronutrients (#2)

As mentioned in my post on ‘Introduction to Ketogenic Diet’, it is important to learn and understand the relationship between energy and macronutrients to get the basics of eating right! What this post will help with is to get you to make changes to your eating habits in a more balanced way and in a…

Ketogenic Diet: An Introduction (#1)

Let me begin by saying that I find it very hard to stick with any diets. Constant calorie counting takes the joy out of food as an everyday experience and turns it into a chore for me, making it very difficult to not give into my cravings. Diets are about constraints and I grew up…


The year was 2012. I had been away from home since August of 2009 and I missed my mother’s cooking dearly. It was during this time that I had found an Ethiopian restaurant in Berlin that was serving up a spicy feast that I could not wait to dig into! One of the reasons I…

In search of Umami

When you ingest umami-rich molecules, everything you eat with them becomes more beautiful. Presenting 2 easy recipes to umamify your daily life!

Chai and Division

Chai, depends on multiple variables – math, ingredients that make the masala, the relative proportions of those ingredients, and, most importantly, context.

Onyx, a tale of two Hungarys

Elegant decadence – that’s the memory that comes flooding back every time I reminisce about the 6 course lunch that I experienced at Onyx, Budapest in the winter of 2016.

Why I Cook

Being a Tamilian household, my parents introduced my sister and me to unique ingredients from early on. I was probably the first kid in my class when I was 7, who knew what asafoetida was.