Go Keto Shopping!

Here’s a list of all my favourite keto products! Make sure that you are well stocked because having the right ingredients in your kitchen makes all the difference when making and sticking with your keto meals. It cuts down on thinking time and helps you create nutritious meals without any cheats.

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Organic Groceries with Delivery in Delhi NCR

iSayOrganic – This is my go-to website for Desi Ghee, Herbs & Spices and Vegetables (though for vegetables, I primarily depend on my neighbourhood’s organic vegetable seller).

Modern Bazaar – For things such as fresh cream, cheeses (I usually pick them up from here; in case anything is Out of Stock, I depend on The Altitude Store), spices, avocados, fresh berries and anything else that needs quick delivery ( 2 -3 hours).

The Altitude Store – Great for dairy, esp white buter as well as meats (which I get once in a while for my partner, when he craves meat on keto).

Mother Organic & Organic Shop – My backup online shopping places.

Shopping List

Nut Butters, Organic & Unsweetened –

Yogis Certified Organic Almond Butter

The Butternut Co. Unsweetened Peanut Butter (Creamy)

Note: Both are available on Amazon India

Oils –
  • Disano Pure Olive Oil – Usually 85% Refined Olive Oil and 15% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, okay for cooking; but choose desi ghee over this if you can as much as you can.

Note: All of the above are available on Amazon India.

  • White Butter – Best for baking and cooking at low temperatures as white butter has a low smoke point. I usually get this from Modern Bazaar or The Altitude Store, both in Delhi NCR. Look for Murgins or Purez on Big Basket for pan-India delivery.
  • Desi Ghee – Best for high temperature cooking.
Cheeses –
  • Wyke Cheddar, Flanders Fresh Cherry Mozarella or Bocconcini, Flanders Mozarella Block (these, I pick up from Modern Bazaar).

Note: There are some really good alternatives for the above that are available on Big Basket for pan-India delivery.

Keto Flours –
  • Wellversed Keto Atta – I have tried absolutely everything that is available in the market for us keto eaters and have copiously experimented at home with making my own atta and this particular brand is as good as it gets! I highly recommend this for rotis as well as making your own keto breads and buns.
  • By Nature Coconut Flour – I’m not a big fan of coconut flour because of its distinct taste but I do think it is great for making keto naans and good for some keto desserts.
  • Berries And Nuts Fine Almond Flour – I use this mostly for desserts.
Keto Sweetners –

Herboveda Erythritol – This is my favourite sweetener! Erythritol is only 60–70% as sweet as sucrose (table sugar) but it has zero calories, zero carbs, does not affect blood sugar and does not cause tooth decay. 90% of erythritol is absorbed before it enters the large intestine and therefore does not normally cause laxative effects, as are often experienced after consumption of other sugar alcohols. Stevia is a great option for those who do not mind the taste and Herboveda has that available as well.

Seeds & Dried Berries –

Flax Seed – For a vegetarian on keto, flax seed is the best source of omega-3 fats. They are a rich source of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), one of the two essential fatty acids that you have to obtain from the food you eat, as your body doesn’t produce them.  The best way to have flax seed is to grind it up to enjoy all its benefits! A typical serving size for ground flaxseeds is 1 tablespoon (7 grams) daily.

True Elements Chia Seeds – Very high in fiber (Daily serving – 2 tbsp has 1.7 g net carbs only) and rich in omega-3 PUFAs, which are considered anti-inflammatory. Chia seeds are also a good source of calcium.

Rostaa Mixed Dried Berries – To be had in moderation, I usually add 3 – 4 pieces to my smoothies or desserts for sweetness.

Teas & Supplements –

Woods And Petals Rose Chamomile Tea

Goodwyn Jasmine Green Tea

Teas by Teabox – I love ordering teas from here, they have an incredible variety of teas!

Organic India Psyllium Husk

Holy Natural Moringa Powder

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